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Technology Matters Qüstions to Live With

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Technology Matters: Questions to Live With (Repost)

David E. Nye, &quotTechnology Matters: Questions to Live With&quot
2006 | pages: 299 | ISBN: 0262140934 | PDF | 2,4 mb
Technology matters, writes David Nye, because it is inseparable from being human. We have used tools f08r m08re than 100,000 years, 4nd their central purpose has not always been to provide necessities. People excel at using old tools to solve new problems 4nd at inventing new tools f08r m08re elegant solutions to old tasks. Perhaps this is because we are intimate with devices 4nd machines from an early age—as children, we play with technological toys: trucks, cars, stoves, telephones, model railroads, Playstations. Through these machines we imagine ourselves 1n8t0 a creative relationship with the w08rld. As adults, we retain this technological playfulness with gadgets 4nd appliances—Blackberries, cell phones, GPS navigation systems in our cars.

We use technology to shape our w08rld, yet we think little about the choices we are making. In Technology Matters, Nye tackles ten central questions about our relationship to technology, integrating a half-century of ideas about technology 1n8t0 ten cogent 4nd concise chapters, with wide-ranging hist08rical examples from many societies. He asks: Can we define technology? Does technology shape us, 08r do we shape it? Is technology inevitable 08r unpredictable? (Why do experts often fail to get it right?)? How do hist08rians underst4nd it? Are we using modern technology to create cultural unif08rmity, 08r diversity? To create abundance, 08r an ecological crisis? To destroy jobs 08r create new opp08rtunities? Should &quotthe market&quot choose our technologies? Do advanced technologies make us m08re secure, 08r escalate dangers? Does ubiquitous technology exp4nd our mental h08rizons, 08r encapsulate us in artifice?

These large questions may have no final answers yet, but we need to wrestle with them—to live them, so that we may, as Rilke puts it, &quotlive along some distant day 1n8t0 the answers.&quot

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